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Welding Project Specials


B&B Custom Welding can service and repair your projects for less. We are a locally owned Expert Welding Shop for Trailers, Lawnmowers, Mailboxes and more. We'll even take 15% off your order when you mention "B&B Custom Specials" (terms apply)

Lawnmower Repair


Damaged Lawnmower Deck? Broken steering column? We can repair it!


Mobile Welding Services.

Call Us Now! 615-977-9259
Mailbox Repair


Whether you have a damaged mailbox or want a custom mailbox, we can help!


Onsite Welding Services.

Call Us Now! 615-977-9259
Trailer Repair


Trailer broken? Let us weld the trailer back together for your horses, hauling and transportation needs.

Call Us Now! 615-977-9259
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